Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be in a relationship in order to sign up for this app?

Yes. Couples will be required to link their accounts.

What if my significant other doesn’t have a smartphone?

The app is designed for two users who both own smartphones. However, if one user does not have a smartphone, you can follow the steps below if your partner needs to edit their profile:

  1. Log on to the app and choose your partner through the normal setup process
  2. Go to settings and log out
  3. Go to your Facebook app and log out
  4. Have your partner log into your Facebook app
  5. Have your partner log into Coupler by connecting to the Facebook account that they just added to your Facebook app
  6. Have your partner edit their profile while logged into Coupler
  7. Log your partner out of Coupler and Facebook and sign back into your accounts

Do we have to be in a relationship on Facebook in order to be connected?

No, but you do both need to have Facebook accounts.

How much does this app cost?

The app is free to download.

I no longer see a match/cannot talk to a match. Why?

The couple either unmatched you or ended their relationship. Don’t worry, there are plenty more couples out there!

My swipes are not working, I cannot log in, I have lost my matches, messages are not sending, or the app keeps crashing

This could be a problem on our end, but could also be a problem on your device! Try closing the app, clear apps running in the background, and reopening it. If that does not work, make sure you have a solid internet connection. You should also make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Coupler. No luck? Try checking our Twitter at @couplerapp and see if we tweeted about the service being temporarily down. As a last resort, email .

Can I undo a swipe?

Not currently, but we are working on it!

What happens if I break up with my partner?

We are sorry to hear that. You can end your relationship on Coupler by going to your settings and clicking ‘End Relationship.’ You will be taken back to the relationship setup screen for when you are ready to use the app again with another partner. If you ever enter into a relationship with the same person on Coupler, all of your matches and couple profile information will show up again.

If I delete the app, will we lose our matches or will my relationship end?

Nope! Just reinstall it and log back in and you will be all set!

Why can I only edit certain aspects of my profile?

We pull in some information, like name and age, from Facebook. In order for any pulled in information to change on the app, it will need to change on Facebook.

Can I talk to someone if I have not matched with them?

Sorry, but you have to match with people in order to talk to them.

Coupler said I got a new match or new message, but I don’t see the match

This means that the other couple matched with you, and unmatched you before you got a chance to see who they were.

How do I make sure people cannot see my partner and I on Coupler?

For now, click ‘End Relationship’ in the settings area. Don’t worry, all your profile information and matches will be restored when you return to the app. We are working on making this easier!

I have a question not answered here, how can I get my question answered?

Contact our support team and they will try to respond as soon as they can! You can reach them at .